Mechanical Integrity Inspections

JL Skye Value Added

Mechanical Integrity

  • Program design / evaluation; site reviews, gap analysis, compliance reviews
  • Written procedures; MI applications, procedures, training, resting & inspection, deficiency correction, quality assurance
  • Testing & inspection; NDT, API 510/570/653, AWS-CWI
  • Quality Assurance; vendor surveillance, component and document inspection, specification review
  • Engineering evaluation of fixed and dynamic equipment

Non-Destructive Testing

  • Volumetric testing; radiography and ultrasonics
  • Surface testing; liquid penetrant and magnetic particle
  • Precision measurements and mapping; ultrasonic thickness, coating & cladding thickness, hardness, component dimensioning, CAD, Digital Photography
  • NDT solutions for unique design applications
  • Level III services; procedures, testing, certification
Facilities Equipment